Melting Pot of Cultures, Sciences and Arts 
WordPress headless, Gatsby.js, WPGraphQL, Block editor, WPML
For: College of Eastern Europe & Art Studio DoLasu
As: with Michał Niewitała (front-end)

Due to one-time and presentational nature of this website the client asked us for the static pages. We needed to deal, however, with provided content richness and multilinguality.

With my teammate we were already excited with the modern, JavaScript-based ways of presenting data from external APIs on the front-end and since SSG model looked ideal for this use case, we decided to give it a spin.

We implemented Gatsby.js framework with WordPress CMS as a source. Apart from headless WordPress configuration, the main job for me was grabbing the data from WPGraphQL and providing post entries as topics, taxonomy terms with geolocation data to become Leaflet map points and properly splitting the content & establishing relationships between 2 languages as defined in WPML plugin.

The result enriched with front-end animations is performant and looks impressive.