Kraków panorama from Józef Piłsudski's Mound

Hi, my name is Przemek Maczewski

I live in Kraków, Poland.
I’m loving to run through the hilly landscapes.
Every day I create cool things with WordPress & React.js. ⚙

What I do?

Classic WordPress

I convert designs to dedicated themes or implement child themes while extending WordPress core by building custom plugins.

Headless WordPress

I may harness core or ACF-powered WordPress as a content management system for different decoupled front-end solutions using REST API or WP-GraphQL.

Gutenberg Blocks

I can develop static or dynamic blocks for the editor in React and extend the core blocks or the editor itself with new capabilities required by the project.

Strapi CMS

This rapidly growing Node.js-based system helps me build easily manageable content APIs for websites and web applications.


The most advanced framework built upon React.js for API-driven front-end development allows me to create dynamic websites or apps of varying complexity.


Another well-established framework admired in the headless WordPress community is perfect for me to build high-performance static websites.

Gorce panorama from mount Żar (Branisko)

Let’s Connect

Whether you are curious about my work or you have an interesting project I could help you with,